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Project Description

The Clarion Apartments


The Clarion Apartments is another project under The Franklin Johnston Group. As it caters to a more wider market, the Clarion Apartments’ challenge was setting itself apart from the competition. Junex was given a task to create a web experience that would highlight its family-friendly amenities and its close proximity to areas of public interest.


Junex strategy was targeted to making an intuitive web experience for the visitors of The Clarion Apartments. The design and web experience, in general, was laid out with the end-user in mind. On top of this, Junex strikes the balance between function and aesthetics as the color palette and digital materials used in the site complemented the site’s function features. As part of our management efforts, good quality content is consistently created as means of a marketing strategy to attract more leads. In terms of the specific tasks we were expected to deliver, here’s our self-assessed progress report:

  • Web Design, Development, and Management

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Integration

Web Design
Development and Management
Content Marketing
Social Media Integration and Management


Creating a unique Junex experience for The Clarion Apartments was very critical to the group’s marketing strategy. With this in mind, Junex highlighted its newly renovated one, two, and three bedroom apartments to capture leads. The web design was made to become an intuitive experience for its visitors. As a result, an increase in lead conversions was observed. As Junex continues to manage the site, social media is integrated into the experience to widen its lead capture management.

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