A majority of the people searching the web for information are impatient. With millions of websites on the internet and hundreds of them offering similar information and services, competition is tough. It is estimated that you have about eight seconds to convince your visitor to read what you are offering before they decide to move on. A poorly designed website does not encourage the user to stay on. This makes intelligent web design a necessity. The services of a good web designer will help you create a well-designed website that will make a positive impression.

About half of the internet searches by web users in the US come from a mobile device. As a result, websites designed without taking the needs and constraints of mobile users into account are very likely to turn off about half their visitors. A good web designer will take emerging technologies and changing browsing habits of people into consideration while designing your website.

The advantages of a well-designed website:

1-Engages your audience: A well-designed website creates a good first impression, holds the attention of its visitors and gets them interested in the content, products or services being offered by you.

2-Increases sales: A professional design helps win the trust and confidence of website visitors, which makes conversion easier and results in increased sales.

3-Creates a lasting impression: Good design encourages the visitor to visit again, refer the site to others or share it on social media channels.

4-Uses the latest technology: Good web designers usually make use of the latest technologies and techniques. This will help you create faster, scalable, more secure and efficient websites.

5-Uses a good content management system (CMS): A CMS makes it easy to publish content on your website with little or no technical knowledge. It also makes the site easy to maintain. Most content management systems are actively developed and regularly updated to keep pace with technology. Your website will be able to take advantage of new developments and features. Security issues will also be regularly fixed.

Selling online:

It is difficult to sell online on a large scale unless you use a good e-commerce solution. A good e-commerce web designer will be able to recommend the best solution whether you are starting off with just a single product, selling thousands of products directly from multiple locations or outsourcing the order processing to drop-shippers. Designers familiar with e-commerce will be able to customize your website and shopping cart so that it integrates with your website seamlessly.

Good web design allows you to work smarter:

Understanding how your visitors interact with your site is important to adapt your sales strategies to suit visitor behavior. A good web design will take this into consideration and make it easier to generate meaningful visitor reports, which will help you make better decisions.

Designing web sites to suit mobile visitors:

As discussed before, about 50% of people searching for information on the web in the United States search using a mobile device. This segment is too large to be ignored. A website that is designed for the larger screens of a notebook or PC may not be mobile-friendly. Most mobile visitors are also in a different frame of mind compared to those searching for information on a PC. Very often, visitors using a mobile device are good prospects because they are usually looking for critical information to make a purchase decision or are looking for a product that they need quickly.

Targeting mobile visitors often requires a separate marketing strategy. A good web designer will help you implement a winning strategy for this market. People are getting increasingly comfortable buying products and services right from their mobile devices. Mobile-friendly shopping cart solutions are also available which will make it easier for them to buy products from your website.

An intelligent web design is essential to launch and grow a successful online business. It is not just about making your website look good. A good design should be user-friendly, should attract visitor attention and cater to all types of users. Web technologies and browsing habits of visitors are constantly changing and your website must be able to adapt to these changes. A good web designer will not only help you design the perfect site, but will also help you keep pace with the changing trends.