Running a business, any kind of business, is a demanding undertaking – you have to take care of employees, you have to make sure that all the different stakeholders are happy, you have to pay attention to customer service, you have to deal with supplies to make sure that you have inventory at all times and lots more. It comes as no surprise that in the midst of all these things web design and search engine optimization often get forgotten. So long as there are customers walking through the door many business owners are happy with the status quo – why mess with something that is working?


What they may not realize is that by taking this attitude they are losing many other potential leads that could have a significant impact on their bottom line. You should never underestimate the power of a good online presence for several reasons. The first is quite obvious – most people are shopping online. When they want to make a purchase they don’t grab their coats and head for the shops or the mall. Instead, they pull out their mobile devices and look up the product or service that they are interested in and then they try and find a vendor that they think they can trust. If you are not among the first vendors that they come across you can be sure that you have lost a potential lead, possibly a sale.


The only way that you can make sure that they find you online is to have a website that they can find when they search for relevant search terms. For many owners of small business having a website is enough. In fact, after they have a site up and running they don’t pay any more attention to what is happening to their Google presence – they assume that it will gain its own momentum. Unfortunately if you want your website to work for you there are certain things that you must do. The first is to make sure that it is optimized for users – when they click on your link they should find a reason to stay.


The only way users will get to click on your link is the first place is through search engine optimization. This process requires that you design your site based on certain algorithms that are issued by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. These algorithms are there so as to prevent an even playing ground for all – it doesn’t matter whether you have a huge marketing budget – if you don’t follow the algorithms you can be sure that users will never get to see your website because your link will never be on the first page of search results.


Search engines issue algorithms from time to time and keeping up can be quite a task. You are busy paying attention to other areas of your business that need you, and that is why you may find that this important revenue stream remains untapped. The best way to make sure that you are always on top when it comes to webs design and SEO is to hire a good digital marketing agency.


There are digital marketing agencies everywhere you look – they all claim that they can do everything from web development to SEO, but in truth most of them are not equipped to do more than the most basic work. If you want your SEO and web design strategy to have an impact it is important to choose your digital marketing agency carefully.


The way a digital marketing agency handles you when you first approach them will tell you a lot about the quality of their services. They should be keen to find out more about your niche and what you hope to gain out of your campaign. Other than better ranking, you could be looking to promote your brand, launch a new product or even reach a certain market segment that has remained out of reach until now.


Lastly, it is best to hire a digital marketing agency that is prepared to work with you for the long term – you will see much better results that way. Before you sign a contract let them know that you would like them to work for you for the foreseeable future. Do they have the capacity, and are they able to offer you any special rates based on this?